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Intel Upgrades Processor Security for Business PCs

Intel Corporation released the newest generation of the vPro processor for business desktops on Monday, touting advanced security features and improved energy-efficiency. The updated processor—a Core 2 Duo processor and Q35 Express chipset—is equipped with features to protect against software-based attacks. Making its debut is Intel's Trusted Execution Technology, or TXT, formerly codenamed LaGrande. It's aimed at IT managers who are in charge of virtual computing environments, providing hardware-based security where software-based security is more vulnerable. According to a company release, TXT works by isolating assigned memory to keep data in virtual partitions, protected from unauthorized access by software in other partitions. Intel also updated the processor with improved System Defense Filters that are better at detecting threats, as well as a Cisco-certified embedded trust agent. The chip also incorporates Intel's Active Management Technology, or AMT, which allows IT staff to scan and fix a PC after it has crashed or is powered off. Allowing repairs to be performed while a PC is off will aid businesses in meeting Energy Star requirements, according to the company.

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