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Isolation Mounts Improve Small Fans

Designed specifically for the small fans employed in electronics and electromechanical equipment, these isolation mounts are available in both ISODAMP and VersaDamp damped elastomers. The fan mounts control problem noise and disruptive vibration by forming resilient connections where a fan fastens to a frame or enclosure. Previously manufactured only as custom-engineered parts, three standard fan mounts accommodate some of the most commonly used fans. Their unique design, resembling a golf tee, facilitates assembly and provides secure fastening. In some cases, each simple-to-install damped mount replaces a metal screw, nut and washer, which provide no energy control benefits. Both ISODAMP and VersaDamp materials are injection-moldable thermoplastics, so custom configurations remain a time- and cost-efficient option when necessary. E-A-R SPECIALTY COMPOSITES, Indianapolis, IN. (877) 327-4332.


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