Electronic Design

Kit Kickstarts Energy Sensitive Product Development

Providing all necessary functionality to create ultra-low-power system designs, Energy Micro offers a starter kit for its ARM CortexTM-M3 based EFM32 Tiny Gecko microcontrollers (MCUs).  The EFM32TG-STK3300 kit showcases the EFM32TG840 MCU that achieves an active mode current consumption of 160 µA/MHz. The kit includes a 8x20 segment LCD supported by Tiny’s sub µA LCD controller and a selection of light, touch, and motion sensors, backed by the MCU’s low energy sensor (LESENSE) interface with ‘wake-on-touch’ capability. The interface runs independently of the Cortex-M3 core and enables autonomous monitoring of a mix up to 16 resistive, capacitive, or inductive sensors while the MCU remains in its 900-nA deep sleep mode.  Other peripherals in the kit include a 150-nA UART and a 350-µA, 1-Msample/s eight-channel 12-bit ADC. ENERGY MICRO AS, Inverness, IL. (847) 345-7691.

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