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Lasers Fit Into Tight Quarters

The Mini lasers, dubbed as such for their compact size, encase all optical and electronic components in one conductively cooled enclosure. The sealed, QCW diode pumped lasers are available in wavelengths of 1,064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, and 1.57 µm. They offer energy levels up to 7 mJ at 1.57 µm and 20 mJ at 1,064 nm with 5 ns to 8 ns pulse widths at a repetition rate up to 50 Hz. For special applications, users can specify system components housed into two separate enclosures. Additionally, the Mini laser are customizable, i.e., fourth and fifth harmonics and an OPO idler (3.1 µm output). For more details, contact Shawn Smith at RPMC LASERS INC., (636) 272-7227.


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