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Lead-Acid Battery Seals In Fluid

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With features that ensure compliance with ISO9002 quality standards, present safety codes and Y2K stipulations, PS-1250 12V, 5Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery is designed for applications such as security panels, CCTV, surveillance equipment, access control systems, fire/burglar alarms and emergency lighting. This battery offers absorbent glass (AGM) technology for superior performance, spill-proof construction that allows operation in any position, ABS plastic housing and quick disconnect Faston F1 or F2 terminals. This battery can replace PS-1242 and PS-1252 batteries and offers an energy density of 1.53W/in.3. The PS-1250 can deliver from 300 to 500 charge/ discharge cycles depending upon average depth of discharge. Dimensions are 3.54" long x 2.75" wide x 4.01" high weighing 4.2 lb.

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