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Lead-Free Resettable Protective Device Eyes Telecomm Mart

Tooled for telecomm and networking systems, the TRF250 is the company's first lead-free Polyswitch resettable device. It provides resettable over-current protection and is said to provide solid mechanical characteristics via its insulating coating. The device is rated for a hold current of 180 mA and operates in ambient temperatures up to 85°C. It limits let-through energy to a significantly lower level than traditional fuses, allowing for the use of smaller and lower-power components. In addition to interrupting and protecting against power faults, the Polyswitch protects against lightning surges as outlined by ITU-T K.20/21/45. The TRF250-80 component is available on tape-and-reel or in bulk. Price is $0.27 each/100,00 with a delivery time of eight weeks. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Menlo Park, CA. (800) 227-7040.


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