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LED Exit Sign Lamp Kit Conserves Energy

Making the switch from inefficient incandescents to energy-saving LED lamps is made simple with the EXL Series Exit Sign LED Lamp Kit, which contains two colored-diffuser panels (either red or green) and two color-coordinated LED lamps.
The lamps consume less than 1.5W per lamp pair, representing an 80% to 90% savings over a pair of equivalent incandescent lamps. While complying with UL924 light-output requirements, the lamps fit most standard exit sign fixtures without modifications, adapters or rewiring. They are available in a Edison 15-mm dc bayonet base, Edison 15-mm intermediate screw base, and a candelabra screw base. They operate at 120 vac or vdc and pricing ranges from $12.50 to $48.00 each depending on the type of base and choice of LED color.


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