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LED Lamp Replaces Inefficient Bulbs

LED Lamp Replaces Inefficient Bulbs

Reported as a breakthrough, the XLamp MPL EasyWhite LED reportedly offers the performance, color consistency, and lumen density necessary to displace conventional light sources. Optimized for directional lighting applications including PAR- or BR-style light bulbs, the LED can deliver the required light output for a 3000-K, 75W equivalent BR-30 light bulb while consuming 78% less energy. MPL EasyWhite LEDs are available in 2700-K, 3000-K, 3500-K, and 4000-K color temperatures that are in the center of the respective ANSI C78.377-2008 color bins. They deliver up to 1,500 lumens at 250 mA and come in 12 mm x 13 mm packages. CREE INC., Durham, NC. (919) 313-5300.
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