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LICs Get The Jump On EDLCs

LICs Get The Jump On EDLCs

Raising energy density bars, the company’s latest cylindrical lithium ion capacitor (LIC) expands energy capacitance up to ten times greater than conventional electric dual layer capacitors (EDLCs). The LIC exhibits star features of batteries, i.e., high voltage and high energy, while maintaining the traditional characteristics of capacitors such as rapid charge/discharge, high durability, safety, and environmental friendliness. Useable as a standalone power source or as a load charge leveling device, the component provides a voltage rating of 3.8V, approximately 1.5 times higher than the 2.3V to 2.7V of conventional capacitors. The LIC is available in capacitances of 40F, 100F, and 200F with operating temperatures ranging from -25ºC to +60ºC. TAIYO YUDEN INC., Schaumburg, IL. (800) 348-2496.

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