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Light/Proximity Sensors Eye Next Gen Smartphones

The fifth generation the TSL2x72 Series sensors promise improved digital ambient light sensing and proximity detection. Targeting mobile products, the TSL2x72 Series includes the TSL2572 digital ambient light sensors, TSL2672 proximity sensors, and the TSL2772 integrated digital ambient light and proximity sensors. All are based on the company’s patented dual-diode architecture, which enables the devices to produce accurate ALS and proximity detection results when operating behind spectrally distorting glass regardless of the lighting sources and intensity.  These combined features are said to enable optimum smartphone ALS and proximity detection implementations which increase energy efficiency, extend battery life and improve the end-user experience. Prices for the TSL25721FN, TSL26721FN, and TSL27721FN are $0.67, $0.70 and $1.07, respectively, each/1,000. TEXAS ADVANCED OPTOELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS INC., Plano, TX. (972) 673-0759.

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