Electronic Design

Low-Energy FRAM Improves Efficiency, Access Speed

RamtronFM25e64_large_fnl-A_1The ultra- low-power FM25e64 improves energy efficiency, access speed, and security in its customers’ products. It natively operates on energy efficient 1.5- or 1.8-V rails, offers low 20-µA active current operation, and only requires about 20-µs to start up, write data, and shut down the memory. In utility metering applications, for example, it allows the meter to write energy consumption and diagnostic information faster and 100-to 1000-times more frequently than systems designed with standard EEPROM.  And, since memory access time is drastically reduced, the amount of time that a system’s power-hungry processor can remain in the sleep mode is significantly increased, lowering the meter’s total power consumption profile. It also allows the state of the meter to be saved instantly on power failure, ensuring that the meter does not lose consumption data when power is restored. The chip’s ultra-fast write time, as little as 10 µs, wipes out confidential transaction data. Samples of the FM25e64 are available today from Digi-Key, Mouser, and through other authorized Ramtron distribution partners (use sample part number: FM25LX25-G).  Mass production of the FM25e64 is expected later this year with a suggested price of $0.95 each/10000.


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