Electronic Design

Low-Loss Coax Cables Meet Tough Military Requirements

TempFlex_coax-cable-240x160Microwave coaxial cables developed by Temp-Flex LLC (a subsidiary of Molex Inc.) offer the speed and electrical performance required in high-bandwidth applications. The flexible Temp-Flex cables come in two types: a solid-core fluoropolymer resin dielectric (low loss), and an air-enhanced design with a fluoropolymer resin layer applied over dual monofilaments (ultra-low loss) around the center conductor for increased signal speed. The high-purity resin offers a low dissipation factor and helps ensure a lower rate of energy loss. The low-loss cable delivers 70% velocity of propagation (VOP), while the ultra-low-loss cable achieves 85 to 88% VOP and improved insertion loss at high frequencies. Other features include phase stability, tight impedance tolerance (50 Ω ± 1 Ω), tight time-delay tolerance, and bandwidth potential up to 110 GHz. Applications include medical, automatic test equipment, and monitor and control of radar, military vehicles, satellites, and missiles.


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