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Low-Voltage, 1-Mbit Parallel EEPROM Debuts

Claimed as the industry’s first low-voltage, 1-Mbit parallel EEPROM, the M28010-W chip operates from a supply voltage of only 2.7V to 3.6V. Organized as 128k x 8 and housed in PDIP32, PLC32 or TSOP32 packages, the new EEPROM is suited for use in PABX systems, telecomm switches, and industrial programmable controllers, applications that typically require large nonvolatile RAM. It is also suitable for use in low energy consumption portable equipment, such as card readers, where large data storage is needed, or where new software downloads are used to update equipment functionality. The device also includes a four-byte-wide read buffer that reduces power consumption. The separate parallel address and data buses results in a fast read access time of only 150 ns at 2.7V, while the write cycle time is just 5 ms for a byte or a page of up to 128 bytes.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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