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Magnetic-Field Indicators Stand Guard Over Utility Meters

A series of magnetic-field indicators detects attempts to affect measuring devices, such as utility meters, with magnetic fields coming from permanent magnets. The indicators can be used with water meters, watt-hour meters and gas meters. When a magnetic field of the appropriate strength has acted on the indicator, the arrangement structure of the indicator’s magnetic domains, initially visible in the form of one or three magnetic geometric figures, is disturbed, leading to irreversible blurring of the contours of these figures or to their complete disappearance. The one-threshold magnetic field indicators (model MFI-3) register a strong magnetic field coming from neodymium magnets. The two-threshold indicators (model MFI-4) register a magnetic field coming from ferrite magnets (the first threshold) and from neodymium magnets (the second threshold). Both indicators are manufactured in two versions: for installation on the internal surface of transparent casings or on the external casing surface of a measuring device. The passive indicators do not require any energy supply and do not have any movable elements. KBR MAGNETO, Czestochowa, Poland. +48-34-3668858.


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