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Math Software Receives Major Enhancements

Maple 11, the latest major release of Maplesoft's mathematics software, features significant enhancements to its smart document interface, computation engine, and connectivity capabilities. The new version combines the world's most powerful mathematical computation engine with an intuitive user interface that eliminates the learning curve so common with other mathematical software, according to the company. Its smart document environment automatically captures all technical knowledge in an electronic form that seamlessly integrates calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images and sound, and more. These concise live documents can be re-used or shared across an organization.

The software's improved computation engine includes new mathematics, user-level multithreaded computation, and a certified polynomial real root finder. The smart document function includes enhanced plotting capabilities, like the ability to use natural math notation in titles, legends, labels, and tick marks; support for international characters; extensive plot annotation capabilities like sketching, adding text and math, and drawing lines, shapes, and arrows using new drawing canvas tools. Additionally, new point-and-click task assistants include backsolver, special functions, and scientific constants assistants.

Maple 11 is supported by an extensive range of products for various industrial applications, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, and finance. Companion products include automatic model generation, optimal design tools, intelligent control design, reference e-books, and others.


Maple 11 will begin shipping in March. In addition to Maple 11, customers will receive the Maple Toolbox for MATLAB, MapleNet, and a one year subscription to the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Program, which offers product updates and other benefits. Customers purchasing or upgrading between January and March will immediately receive the same package based on Maple 10, which will be automatically upgraded to Maple 11 in March.


For professional licenses, Maple 11 is available for $1895. Academic, upgrade, and volume discounts are available.


Visit www.maplesoft.com.

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