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Memory Modules Boast Of 1.6-GB/s Data Transfer Rate

Designed to provide compatibility testing with Intel's next-generation chipset, these RIMM modules offer a 1.6-GB/s bandwidth per Rambus Channel, with the ability for multiple channels to be used to increase performance. This means that an individual RDRAM can offer 10x the bandwidth compared to a 66-MHz x 16 SDRAM device, with a 64-Mbyte Rambus system having 3x the bandwidth of a 64-Mbyte, 64-bit wide 100-MHz SDRAM system. Separate control and data buses allow high efficiency and separate row and column control buses provide easy scheduling and high performance. Other key benefits of the RIMM modules include: finer granularity, allowing for a lower cost module; lower energy disipation per byte transferred; and an overall reduction in power consumption.


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