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Micro Energy Cells Fill Gap Between Batteries And Supercapacitors

Using ambient energy harvesting techniques, the Thinergy family of micro-energy cells (MECs) delivers perpetual energy to wireless sensor nodes and other micro-systems for more than a decade of maintenance-free operation. The MECs represent a new class of electronic component that bridges the performance gap between batteries and supercapacitors, according to the company. The MECs use an ultra-thin, flexible package that fits and conforms where other solutions cannot. Also, their high-power discharge eliminates the need for external boost capacitors for high-pulse currents. Users can stack the devices for increased energy and power without increasing the footprint. Two products are available now, the Thinergy MEC101 and Thinergy MEC120, with capacity options up to 1.0 mA-h and 0.4 mA-h, respectively. The other two products in the family (one larger and one smaller in both size and capacity) will be available later this year. The MEC101 measures 25.4 by 25.4 mm and 0.17 mm thick and supplies a maximum continuous current of 40 mA. The MEC120 measures 25.4 by 12.7 mm and 0.17 mm thick and delivers a maximum continuous current of 15 mA. The existing MECs are available now in production quantities to qualified customers. INFINITE POWER SOLUTIONS INC., Littleton, CO. (408) 398-9700.


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