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Mini Solenoids Are Explosion And Weather Proof

Offered in seven basic designs, the E50 explosion-proof miniature solenoid valves meet the demand for economy of space and energy consumption in hazardous locations. With each of the seven designs, several individual valves can be configured based on maximum operating pressure differential, orifice size, CV factor, and operating media. Built to UL standards for safe and continuous operation at maximum rated pressure, specifications for these valves for pneumatic and hydraulic applications are based on 85% of rated voltages and maximum pressure. The 2.5" x 1.5" diameter valves operate in hot water, steam, gasoline, oil, refrigerant, hydraulic fluid, and other environments requiring special seal material. They operate in a standard temperature range of 0°F to 180°F with a nominal power consumption of 6W ac/7W dc.


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