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Wireless Systems Design

Miniature Smart Antenna Wins Innovation Award

Selected from among 23 nominees, the Airgain MaxBeam75 smart antenna has won the 19th Annual CONNECT Most Innovative Product award in the communications category. Airgain CEO Pertti Visuri accepted the award at a ceremony in La Jolla, Calif. last month.

The MaxBeam75 is a miniature smart antenna for the consumer WLAN market. Precision beam-forming antenna elements focus rf energy, which is rapidly steered by Airgain's switched-beam technology. The result is triple the signal strength, double the coverage, better throughput and connection availability and reduced interference compared to conventional dipole antennas. The MaxBeam75's unique design allows designers to embed it within wireless routers and gateways, eliminating the need for external antennas. For more information, go to

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