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Modular Energy System Offers Flexible Design

Modular Energy System Offers Flexible Design

The DS1U-2120 indoor power shelf provides a flexible, configurable power system for telecom networks, wireless infrastructure, LED signs, 24V battery charging and monitoring, and industrial apps. The 19” 3KW 27-Vdc, 1RU height shelf supports two 1.5-kW DRM-260 rectifier modules that are also useable as standalone units. The hot-swappable rectifier integrates a microcontroller with serial interface, status and alarms, and a front-panel LED indicator. Installation features include rear-access wiring for AC and GMTs. Pricing starts at $1,500 per system (100 pieces). For further information, contact Denise James at DongAh Elecomm USA, Richardson TX. (972) 497-9990 or [email protected]      

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