Electronic Design

Module Enables Energy-Efficient Switching Power Supplies

The LNK302 from Power Integra- tions is an alternative to capacitive droppers and linear transformers in home appliance and industrial control applications. Like other members of the LinkSwitch TN family, the LNK302 lets designers create energy-efficient switching power supplies in buck or buck-boost configurations and with universal input (85 to 265 V ac) and ±10% load regulation. Other integrated features include a 700-V Power MOSFET, an oscillator with simple on/off control, high-voltage startup, current limit, and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuitry. A 66-kHz switching frequency automatically skips cycles at light load to conserve energy, while frequency jittering minimizes electromagnetic interference. Unit pricing in 1000-piece quantities is $0.49.

Power Integrations

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