Electronic Design

More DC-DC Converter Developments

Despite their "eighth brick" designation, most eighth-brick dc-dc converters measure about 2.3 by 0.9 in., making them just 40% smaller than their quarter-brick ancestors. But with its 2.3- by 0.725-in. footprint, the Xena 50 eighth brick from Ascom Energy Systems is exactly half the size of the quarter brick. That will allow two eighth bricks to fit in a quarter-brick slot. The Xena 50 delivers up to 30 A at 1.5 V.

SynQor expands its dc-dc converter offerings into the point-of-load area with the NiQor series of 15-A nonisolated dc-dc converters in the popular 2- by 0.55- by 0.335-in. SIPs.

Beta-Dyne's 40-W eighth-brick dc-dc converters boast a 25-µs transient response—nearly half that of nonisolated, step-down converters.

Ericsson Power Modules increased the output current available from its PKD series of leadfree dc-dc converters. The 46- by 50-mm converters will deliver currents as high as 20 A at voltages up to 1.8 V; 15 A at 3.3 V; and 10 A at 5 V.

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