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More on Power, Moore’s Law, and DesignCon 2006

To download a PDF copy of the original Gordon Moore article from Electronics magazine, go to: ftp://download.intel.com/museum/Moores_Law/Articles-Press_Releases/Gordon_Moore_1965_Article.pdf

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BertScope/SyntheSys Research


Ethernet Alliance


W.L. Gore

Here Comes The Sun
T.J. Rogers, founder of Cypress Semiconductor, championed the need for more efficient power sources during the Day 3 DesignCon keynote address. He promoted the promise of solar energy, a technology he literally "bought into" via Cypress' investment in high-efficiency solar-cell manufacturer SunPower.

Rogers pegs solar's current cost per watt at $3.50, but he expects that to drop to $2 a watt in the next few years. He also says that the technology is cost effective, even at today's costs. For example, the meters in a solar home connected to the power grid will run backward during the day, and the solar roof will pay for itself within seven years. It then will continue to substantially reduce energy costs for the homeowner.

Also, Rogers sees the potential for solar in mobile applications. He cited a letter he had written to the head of Toyota, suggesting that solar cells could be incorporated in hybrid cars to greatly increase their fuel efficiency. He has yet to hear back from Toyota, though he thought he would improve his chances of getting a response by including a photo of the winner of a recent solar-powered automobile race—a Honda plated with SunPower cells!

SunPower Corp.

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