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Neocapacitor Family Features Small J And B3 Case Sizes

A line of conductor-polymer neocapacitors now features the 0.8-mm high-J and 1.2-mm high-P B3 case sizes. The addition of these sizes enables support for capacitances in the range of 2.2 to 47 µF.

The tantalum capacitors achieve low equivalent series resistance (ESR) while maintaining a shape and structure identical to conventional products. The J case neocapacitor suits use in CDMA phone systems. The midsize, thin B3 case is an ideal component for markets that now require computer parts and sophisticated PDAs to feature higher capacity, thinner size, increased energy efficiency, and lower ESR.

With a lead time of five to six weeks, the standard J case neocapacitor costs about $0.14. The B3 costs about $0.16 with a similar lead time.

NEC Electronics Inc.
(800) 366-9782; www.necel.com

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