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OSRAM LEDs Will Light Tunnel In Germany

Dellux Technologies Inc. will use Golden Dragon LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors for the luminaires to be installed in the first tunnel in Germany and the longest in Europe to be lit by LEDs. The luminaires and the LED light sources combine for a virtually maintenance-free light source with a minimum life span of 130,000 hours, or 15 years, according to OSRAM. They will be installed in a tunnel on the A71 in Thuringen.

The OSRAM LEDs can be dimmed and controlled to provide the prescribed luminance levels in the tunnel day or night. By day, the required luminance is 4.65 cd/m2, but at night 0.8 cd/m2 is sufficient. The average power consumption is 70 W during the day and 12 W at night. Overall, the LEDs will save 10,000 kW-hr. annually compared with a lighting system based on high-intensity discharge lamps. This corresponds to a minimum of 30% less energy consumption.

As a specialist in tunnel lighting, Dellux has developed an intelligent lighting concept for tunnel lighting applications that fully exploits the benefits of Golden Dragon LEDs, with customized electronic circuitry and software to further increase the life of the system. “We have installed redundant LEDs in each luminaire to offset soiling and degradation losses,” said Wolfgang Medenwald, Dellux’s vice president of business development Europe. “We also operate the LEDs at only 85% of their rated current to achieve greater efficiency and durability.”

Dellux Technologies

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