Electronic Design

PI Creates Anti-Tampering Design Idea

Analog power-conversion chipmaker Power Integrations created a new power supply design idea (DI-141) based on its LinkSwitch-XT family for anti-tampering protection in electricity-meter applications. The design idea offers an isolated power supply in flyback configuration that delivers 150 mA at 5 V, even under an intense external magnetic field—the most commonly used method of disabling meters without setting off anti-tampering measures. The solution can reduce meters' power usage from 2 W—the maximum amount recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)—to about 1 W while still providing the 750 mW of power required by advanced meter electronics. "Adoption of this technology is an effective way for utility companies—which are investing millions of dollars worldwide to install an Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI)—to recover part of their huge investment by saving energy," Silvestro Fimiani, marketing manager at Power Integrations, said in a statement. DI-141 can be found on www.powerint.com.

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