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Power Analyzer Performs Energy Star Measurements

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In addition to the design, development, and production testing of power supplies, the model WT210 single-phase power analyzer is designed to perform standby-power and Energy Star measurements. The instrument provides a power-measurement range from 75 mW to 12 kW over a frequency range from dc to 100 kHz. Basic accuracy is specified as 0.1%. Voltage and current input ranges are 15V to 600V and 5 mA to 20A, respectively, while currents as low as 50 µA, ac or dc, can be accurately measured for standby power applications. With a data-update rate up to 100 ms, up to 20 power parameters may be continuously and simultaneously measured. An average active power measurement function is also included for fluctuating power measurements associated with standby power. Other features include a four-function math feature, an internal memory capable of storing up to 600 measurements, and a four-channel comparator. Price is $1,875. YOKOGAWA CORP. OF AMERICA, Newnan, GA. (800) 258-2552.

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