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Power Capacitors Venture Into Renewable-Energy

EPCOS-power-cap-240x160The MKP DC B2562* series of EPCOS power capacitors, developed by TDK-EPC (a group company of TDK Corp.), features rated voltages from 800 up to 1980 VR dc and a 30- to 1500-µF capacitance range. Low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and inductance (ESL), combined with approved material and components according to UL, result in stable electrical parameters over time and temperature. Thus, the capacitors will find homes in industry and renewable-energy generation applications, particularly as a dc link for power inverters. A special metallized film profile helps create high dielectric strength. Also, six different terminal types offer a number of connection options. Operating temperature ranges from -55 to +70°C. The cans have diameters measuring 75, 85, and 116 mm, and heights between 70 and 223 mm.


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