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Power Conditioners Protect Equipment Against Surges

Boasting of a 97% efficiency, the Power Guardian line of power conditioners/automatic voltage regulators are designed to protect electrical/electronic equipment from the most common forms of power problems, namely voltage sags and surges. The voltage regulating power conditioners utilize highly shielded isolation transformers that provide common-mode noise attenuation of better than 150 dB and neutral-ground bonding. They provide protection from 2 kVA single phase to 225 kVA three phase. Surge suppression circuitry protects loads from high-energy surges and lightning strikes, meeting ANSI/IEEE C62.41, 1991, and IEC 1000-4 and 1000-5 standards. Automatic over- and under-voltage protection prevents damage to the load if voltage fluctuations exceed the conditioner's specs, and a high overload capability allows for heavy start-up currents without over-sizing the power conditioner. Tap switching is controlled by a microprocessor with a response to voltage fluctuations of less than one cycle.


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