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Power Converter IC Accommodates High Peak Demand

The PeakSwitch PKS607 integrated power conversion IC from Power Integrations Inc. can handle peak demand of 127 W, with a continuous power rating of 75 W. The PeakSwitch family delivers peak power on demand while allowing designers to specify a transformer size for the continuous power level. This significantly reduces the size, weight, and cost of the overall power supply. Typical applications that exhibit a high peak-to-RMS power requirement include printers, audio amplifiers, and home entertainment systems. The PKS607 version can handle almost 50% more peak power than earlier PeakSwitch ICs.

The device incorporates a 700-V MOSFET and low-voltage control circuitry on a monolithic IC. On/off control ensures highly efficient operation under all load conditions, plus very low standby-power consumption. As a result, designers can easily comply with all current energy-efficiency standards, including the proposed Energy Star standard for printers, which specifies power budgets during standby, sleep, and active operation. Other key features of the PKS607 include integrated auto-restart, hysteretic thermal shutdown, and integrated frequency jittering to minimize electromagnetic interference. The PKS607 comes in a lead-free, plastic through-hole DIP-8 or a higher-power, standard TO-220 package.


Small quantities are available from stock, with production quantities available six weeks after receipt of an order.


The PKS607 costs $1.50 in 1000-piece quantities.


Visit www.powerint.com.

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