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Power Supply Chips Boost Efficiency

Now available for mass markets, the company’s suite of power management devices, the GreenChip PFC, GreenChip SR controllers, and a portfolio of 30V power MOSFETs in LFPAKs, promise to reduce power consumption in desktop PCs and laptops. The GreenChip III adapter chip integrates a PFC function that allegedly enables the highest possible efficiency for 75W to 600W power supplies. This PFC function is now available standalone via the TEA1742 GreenChip, completing the company’s system solution for PC power supplies complying to the 80PLUS Gold standard. To replace energy inefficient diode rectification circuits with a single IC, the GreenChip SR TEA1791 controller enables a simpler implementation of synchronous rectification in power supplies, fully compatible with the GreenChip or any other power supply controller. Additionally, the company’s latest power MOSFETs include ten 30V devices in LFPAKs that feature an on-resistance range from 1.7 to 9 milliOhms. High-volume pricing for the GreenChip PC, GreenChip SR, and PSMN1R7-30YL ranges from $0.38 to $0.75 each. NXP SEMICONDUCTORS, USA. (800) 447-1500.


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