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Power/Cooling Systems Promote Data Center Reliability

Supporting the company's enterprise servers and storage systems and designed to reduce energy bills while increasing system reliability, users now have three power management and cooling technologies to choose from. These include a modular cooling system using chilled water to triple the standard cooling capacity of a single server rack, a universal rack that standardizes efficiencies across server and storage platforms, and a power distribution unit management module that monitors data center environments to provide a more reliable power infrastructure. The HP Modular Cooling System attaches to an HP 10000 G2 Series rack and uses any data center's chilled water supply to distribute cool air across the front of the rack. It allows the deployment of up to 30 kW in a single rack. The HP 10000 G2 series universal rack standardizes seven previously incompatible racks to a single rack and power platform. For cooling, the design provides convection cooling and improved ventilation over previous racks. Lastly, the HP Power Distribution Unit Management Module provides remote monitoring of a rack PDU to eliminate the possibility of an overloaded circuit. The module offers central, standard SNMP control of all individual power distribution units via HP Systems Insight Manager and other software. Starting prices for the cooling system, rack, and power-management unit are $30,500, $1,199, and $199, respectively. For further information and availability, call HEWLETT PACKARD, Palo Alto, CA. (800) 752-0900.


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