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Profiler Promises Energy Efficient Code

Profiler Promises Energy Efficient Code

Embedded Systems Conference, 2010 – Offered as a companion debugging tool for the company’s 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3-based MCU kits, the energyAware Profiler reads the kit’s advanced energy monitoring system data and enables simple graphical visualization and optimization of application energy consumption and code. Interfacing via USB with the EFM 32 Gecko and MCU kits, the profiler provides three simultaneous LCD views: a graph of real-time current consumption, an object code listing, and an energy profile of individual app functions. Clicking anywhere on the current graph takes the user to the associated object code to reveal the function responsible for the related current consumption. The energyAware Profiler software is available as a free download at the company’s website. Energy Micro AS, Inverness, IL. (847) 345-7691.


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