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Quad AC Line Switch Replaces Relays & Triacs

Designed to drive mains-powered loads such as valves or pumps in home appliances, the ACS402 quad AC line switch array integrates four bidirectional AC switches. Each switch contains a high-voltage clamping structure to absorb the inductive turn-off energy and a gate-level shifter/driver for direct control via a microprocessor. Each of the four switches has an off-state blocking voltage higher than 500V, allowing it to switch any domestic mains from 100V to 240V. The switches can deliver up to 0.2ARMS to a resistive or inductive load. In addition, the integral logic-level drive circuits allow the power switch to be triggered with a current of less than 10 mA without any gate overvoltage at turn-on, allowing the units to be safely driven from any MCU output capable of sinking 10 mA.


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