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Rad-Hard FETs Tout Low On-Resistance And Gate Charge

These 30V, 60V, 100V and 200V P-channel radiation-hardened MOSFETs boast of a low on-resistance and gate charge, equating to a reduction in conduction loss. Lower gate charge reduces drive power requirements, simplifies drive circuitry, and reduces component count and design-cycle time. Applications for R5 RAD-Hard FETs include military avionics and missiles, commercial communication satellites, scientific and surveillance satellites, nuclear reactors, and deep-space equipment. The devices come in three die sizes and eight package styles, including industry-standard hermetic-leaded and surface-mount styles. The FETs have high radiation hardness against total ionizing dose and high immunity to single event effects. And they are immune to high-energy particles and are hardened against single event gate rupture and single event burn-out. Prices start at $200 each/1,000.


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