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Radiation-Hardened MOSFET Ogles Satellite Communications

Intended to increase a satellite communication system's power efficiency, the IRHY7G30CMSE is said to be the industry's first 1,000V radiation-hardened power MOSFET. The device is designed to improve power management circuits and high-frequency switching systems in satellite communications systems by minimizing component count. This 1-kV rad-hard FET is an enhancement-mode N-channel device manufactured with a proprietary radiation-hardened gate- and field-oxidation process to meet single-event upset and total ionizing dose hardness requirements. It is single event effect (SEE) hardened with a linear energy transfer (LET) of 37 MeV/(mg/cm2). The device is said to retain virtually identical electrical performance up to a total dose of 100 krads (Si). Typical applications include traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA). The FET is available in standard JEDEC TO-205AF (TO-39), TO-254AA and TO-257AA packages and has a starting price of $195 each /500.


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