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Real Time Clock Integrated With Solid State Battery

Cymbet_0829-AEnerChip RTC from Cymbet is being touted as the first all solid state device to combine a Real Time Clock chip, an integrated solid state rechargeable battery, and a PMIC in a single-chip plastic package. Designers can implement time keeping/alerting functions with power backup in the smallest products, never needing to change a dead battery. The EnerChip RTC CBC34123 combines a bare die NXP PCF2123 SPI bus ultra low power RTC with an EnerChip bare die 5 µAh rechargeable solid state battery and bare die CBC910 PMIC in a 5 mm x 5 mm x 1.4 mm 16-pin QFN plastic package that provides 30 hours of power backup. A second device, the CBC34523, combines the NXP PCF8523 I2C bus RTC with an EnerChip and PMIC. Suitable for systems needing to keep time during main power interruptions, the RTCs are applicable in industrial controls, medical devices, appliances, consumer electronics, security systems, energy controls and networking equipment. Samples of both EnerChip RTC devices will be available 4Q 2012.

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