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Relays Aim At Power-Saving Applications

Three new electromechanical relays were developed as part of a program to target alternative energy markets. The two high-voltage, high-current, high-insulation power relays and one low-profile, power-latching relay are for energy management applications in solar powered systems and smart power meters. The high voltage devices can also be used in electronic vehicles and as replacements for power conductors and power FETs. The low-profile latching relay is also suitable for various power-saving applications. The FTR-J2 handles 450 V at 10 A, and arcing is eliminated by a permanent magnet, 2-mm contact gap. It uses a 4000-V ac dielectric. The FTR-J2 costs $10.00 each. The FTR-K3-WG handles 250 V at 10 A and has a 1.5-mm contact gap. It meets VDEO0126 and has a 5000-V ac dielectric. The FTR-K3-WG costs $3.00 each. The 12.5-mm low-profile JSL latches at 250 V ac at up to 8 A and has a 5000-V ac dielectric. The JSL costs $3.00 each. All prices are for quantities of 10,000. FUJITSU COMPONENTS AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.


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