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RTL Bundles Preconfigured Arm CPU Subsystem

The PrimeXsys platform from Arm Ltd. makes it easier to implement an ARM11-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution. This "predesigned" CPU subsystem available in RTL form includes the ARM1176-JZF-S processor core. It also packs a level 2 cache controller, the ARM AMBA 3 AXI configurable interconnect, a memory controller, the intelligent energy manager for dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, the CoreSight debug support, and Arm's TrustZone security architecture.

Assembling the various blocks of intellectual property (IP) and then verifying the combined blocks as a full subsystem significantly reduces the SoC's overall design time. The PrimeXsys platform provides a reference design, including the most commonly required functions that support the CPU.

The TrustZone technology in the core ensures that the platform offers bulletproof security for mobile operating systems. It also enables secure wireless transactions as well as digital rights management to protect downloaded multimedia content.

Arm Ltd.

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