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Self-Faced Foam Absorbs Unwanted Noise

TUFCOTE SF foam, a urethane acoustical foam, features a skin-like surface, top and bottom, that is said to enhance its noise control performance and resistance to contaminants. The self-faced foam reduces problem noise in a wide range of demanding applications, particularly those where acoustical energy is in the speech interference level (SIL) in the 1 kHz band or above. Applications include vehicle cabs, small appliances, lab and office equipment, and mechanical and electromechanical devices housed in enclosures. The skin on the foam forms when the material rises between carrier paper during curing.It is available in rolls, sheets or as custom die-cut parts, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing, and in thicknesses of 0.25" to 2". For more information, call E-A-R SPECIALTY COMPOSITES, Indianapolis, IN. (877) 327-4332


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