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Sensinode Leveraging TI RF SoC For IPv6

Sensinode Ltd. has joined the Texas Instruments Low-Power RF Developer Network. The technology innovation and licensing company is leveraging TI’s high-performance, IEEE 801.15.4-compatible rf system-on-a-chip (SoC), the CC2430/31, for its solutions targeting the Real-Time Enterprise through IPv6 over wireless mesh networks.

In addition to its NanoRouter USB, Sensinode has successfully engineered customer solutions, including software, digital, and rf design services. The company is currently developing IP-based 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over low-power WPAN) products based on the CC2430/31, including NanoRouter Ethernet and NanoSensor, which will be used in smart building, health, energy, and logistics applications. The products, which are scheduled for deployment in Europe early this year, will simultaneously convert existing wired infrastructure for many applications.

“TI is pleased to have Sensinode join our Low-Power RF Developer Network,” said Mark Grazier, TI’s worldwide third-party program manager. “Their focus on product innovation, coupled with their proven ability to customize solutions using TI’s low-power RF devices, delivers a streamlined fit with TI’s overall strategy.”

Texas Instruments

Sensinode Ltd

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