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Single-Cell Battery Sets Power Benchmark

Single-Cell Battery Sets Power Benchmark

Unveiled earlier this year as the most powerful solid-state, thin-film single-cell battery on the market, the THINERGY MEC102 allegedly outperforms existing energy-storage technologies such as super capacitors, coin cells, printed, and all other thin-film batteries. The MEC102 provides a nominal 4V output and employs a patented, flexible package design that maximizes the active area of the cell and minimizes the device footprint. With an expected lifetime up to 20 years, it requires no maintenance or periodic replacement. Other features include multiple capacity options up to 2.5 mAh and 10 mWh, a discharge rate capability of 100 mA (300 mW) continuous, a package thickness of 170 micrometers, an all inorganic, solid-state construction including electrolyte, a discharge rate of less than 1% charge loss per year, and a recharge ability greater than 10,000 deep discharge cycles. For price, call INFINITE POWER SOLUTIONS INC., Littleton, CO. (303) 749-4744.


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