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SMT Inductors Handle Up To 25.4A

The PM2110 and PM2120 series surface-mount, high-current inductors are available in a wide range of versions tailored to suit many different applications. Depending on model, the inductors can handle dc currents from 1.9A to 25.4A and are said to be designed with a cost-effective, low-loss iron powder core. They are mounted on high-heat resistant plastic material with the winding lead wrapped directly to the platform as the terminal to ensure high reliability and low contact resistance. Operating temperature is from -55¡C to 105¡C and they are suitable for reflow soldering. The inductors are said to be ideal for high-current, high-frequency and high-density circuit designs in applications including energy storage, dc output chokes, flyback inductors, light dimmers, differential-mode chokes, and EMI filters. JW MILLER MAGNETICS, Gardena, CA. (310) 515-1720.


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