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Snap-in Ultracaps Backup Industrial Applications

74168-ARichmond, North Yorkshire, UK: As a result of its partnership with Nesscap, Easby Electronics now offers the ESHSR series of 360F, 2.7V ultracapacitors. According to the company, these cells provide more durable connectivity and functionality for industrial applications.

Featuring four snap-in terminals, the mid-range electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) typically deliver three orders of magnitude higher energy density than is possible with traditional electrolytic capacitors. Nesscap’s EDLC technology enables the ultracapacitor to store and release energy much faster than batteries, which rely on slower chemical reactions.

The cells measure 35.7mm in diameter and 63.5mm long, and weigh 67g. Operation is guaranteed over a minimum of 500,000 cycles, with a typical operational lifetime of 10 years.  Internal resistance is less than 3.2mΩ for dc and 100Hz ac voltages.



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