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Software Specializes In Designing High-Frequency Electromagnetic Structures

Targeted at designers of high-frequency electromagnetic structures using Windows 95/98/NT, this latest version of FullWave software provides simulated structures such as: transitions, discontinuities, connectors, bends and twists, and other obstacles; tapers, steps and T-junctions; and filters. FullWave models 3D high-frequency structures with access ports through which energy enters and leaves. And a different arbitrary-shaped waveguide or transmission line can be connected at each port of the model to allow transitions from one waveguide to another or from transmission line to waveguide to be analyzed. FullWave computes the generalized scattering matrix (including higher order modes) of the structure, as well as the impedance and admittance matrices, with exclusive iterative and direct solvers.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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