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Solar PV Duo Suit European And North American Grid Systems

Solar PV Duo Suit European And North American Grid Systems

Cambridge, England: Measuring 262 by 160 by 35 mm, the 360-W Duo SMI-D360W-72 micro-inverter from Enecsys offers the highest power density in the industry, according to the company (see the figure). It converts the dc power generated by its two modules into a single grid-compliant ac output. 

The SMI-D360W-72 simplifies system layout and planning while reducing installation time and costs because each system now only needs half the number of micro-inverters. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems using the device will have comparable costs to those using string inverters but will deliver 5% to 20% more energy, Enecsys says. 

The micro-inverter also boasts 95% peak efficiency and 93% Euro efficiency. Based on the same patented technology employed in other Enecsys micro-inverters, it maintains full performance from –40°C to 85°C. Solar modules connected to the Enecsys Duo do not need to be matched or be located on the same plane.

Electrolytic capacitors and other low-reliability components have been eliminated to ensure a life expectancy of greater than 25 years. Reliability has been verified using highly accelerated life tests (HALTs), highly accelerated stress screening (HASS), and accelerated life tests to IEC61215, the same methodology used to test solar PV modules.

The Enecsys Monitoring System provides online and real-time information about the total energy generated, individual solar module performance, and the historical pattern of power generation. The micro-inverters are designed for both North American (60 Hz) and European (50 Hz) electricity grid systems.


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