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Splicing System Welds Wires Quickly

The new SpliceRite ultrasonic wire welder produces consistent, solid-state metallurgical bonds in wire harnesses and other types of wire bundles. The microprocessor-controlled splicing system welds wires quickly without melting the wires or producing arcs, sparks or fumes. The equipment can weld multiple strands in a single pulse and produces low-resistance electrical connections. With a microprocessor that can store and perform up to 250 weld protocols, the SpliceRite allows for the selection of welding modes by time, energy and distance. The µP also provides security features that lock out stored jobs from operator adjustment and allow the SpliceRite to interface with a computer via an RS-232 port. SpliceRite welders come with a set of Taper Lock tips made of heat-treated steel and are available in 1.5 kW and 2.5 kW models. SONOBOND, West Chester, PA. (610) 696-4710.


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