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Super Caps Boast Ultra-Low ESR

The expansion of a line of aerogel super capacitors gives designers greater options and flexibility in pulse, main and hold-up power applications, as well as where memory back-up is employed. PowerStor series aerogel super caps exhibit low leakage current, allowing the devices to hold a charge for several weeks. Latest addition to the PowerStor series include the P family of low ESR 5V aerogel super capacitors with values ranging from 0.1F to 1.0F. The series is said to combine the best features of high-energy rechargeable batteries and high-power electrolytic capacitors. Two types are available: high power PA devices with ESR values ranging from 0.15W to 0.2W; and higher energy density PB devices with ESR values of 0.5W to 6W. COOPER ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, Boynton Beach, FL. (561) 752-5000.


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