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Supercaps Extend Temp Range, Double Capacitance

Cellergy-CLK-Supercapacitor-240x160Designers dealing with applications that have operating temperatures ranging from −40°C to 85°C may want to look into the CLK series of supercapacitors. Developed by Cellergy, the supercaps also feature twice the capacitance of the company’s general-purpose CLG series. They come with 3.5-, 4.2-, 5.5-, and 12-V nominal voltages; 80- to 480-mΩ ESRs; and 30- to-240-mF capacitances. Supercapacitors bridge the gap between the power-delivery limitations of batteries and energy-delivery capabilities of conventional capacitors, allowing for unlimited high pulse current and reduction of voltage drop in battery-operated apps. Thus, the CLKs will find homes in pulse applications such as GSM/GPRS transmitters, smart meters, solid-state drives, USB-powered audio systems, etc. In addition, their 17- by 17.5-mm and 28- by 17.5-mm footprints will suit space-limited applications across a number of electronics markets.


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