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Supercaps Incorporate Battery Features

The PowerStor P Series of supercapacitors now includes low ESR, 5V aerogel types with values ranging from 0.1F to 1.0F. The series combines the features of high-energy rechargeable batteries and high-power electrolytic capacitors. Customers can choose from two types: the low ESR, high power PA Series with ESR values ranging from 0.15? to 0.2?; or the higher energy density PB Series with ESR values of 0.5? to 6?. Both series are available with either vertical or horizontal leads. Historically, low capacitance (=1 Farad), 5V coin-shaped supercapacitors have found use in low drain rate memory backup applications. These supercapacitors typically have ESR values in the tens to hundreds of ohms, limiting their application to memory backup only. The new P Series has been designed to meet the demands of hold-up applications requiring a short, high current pulse prior to low current memory backup mode. During the short high current pulse, standard coin-shaped supercapacitors may fail to hold up the voltage and cause the microprocessor, memory or real time clock to shut down. With low ESR and high capacitance, PowerStor's P series is said to experience a minimal voltage drop during current pulses and to provide maximum memory backup duration during the lower current sleep mode. For additional information and prices, contact COOPER ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, Boynton Beach, FL. (561) 752-5000.


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